10 Reasons To Choose A Diverse Consultancy Firm

Supplier Diversity Consultants

Diversity and inclusion constitute a powerful lever for improving performance – and they are more critical than ever as companies aim to accelerate out of downturn. As a supplier diversity consultants, we enable our clients to build teams that fully reflect the diversity in the world and community they serve. For this we partner with companies to implement proven diversity strategies and diversity and inclusion best practices.

Our approach

Tailored and comprehensive

Our initiatives are strategic, integrated, and embedded across all parts of an organization. We target our initiatives to the specific needs of our client, recognizing the unique character of their organization and the context in which they work.


We work closely with your leadership team to frame the aspirations that will guide your long-term vision. Our strategies center people across marginalized groups to acknowledge the reality of every experience.

Leader driven

We guide both individuals and team to make sure voices are heard that foster accountability, and propagate change throughout the organization. As an expert supplier diversity consultants, we take participants through activities to highlight tips and tricks to be effective and inclusive people manager.

Data led

We deliver data rich facts, describing your current state and translating your aspirations into measurable goals. We focus on collection and analysis of internal data during our assessment process and incorporate interdisciplinary research at every stage.

Real experience

We encourage employers to rigorously measure outcomes of each intervention and, where possible, report on those outcomes to employees, researchers, and other employers to help inform working knowledge in this field.

Reasons to choose Paragon Results LLC

  • Get your D&I process in traction
  • We prevent diversity and inclusion false starts.
  • We provide credibility for your D&I initiative.
  • We align your D&I initiative to the goals and objectives of your organization.
  • We provide structures and systems to support your D&I process.
  • We establish a D&I business-relevant shared vision.
  • We help you to garner support and commitment for your D&I initiative
  • We create standards and measures to track your diversity and inclusion progress.
  • We save you time and money by providing proven expertise and knowledge
  • Your personal and professional success is our success!

We work with you to develop holistic learning curriculums. Our trainings empower our clients to recognize and respond to how D&I uniquely show up in their organizational context. Contact us to get started today!

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