Let’s Change The Way You Approach Strategic Sourcing Solution

Strategic Sourcing Solution

Figuring out whether IT sourcing is right for you is no easy feat. With cutting-edge technology necessitating agile and business integrated IT functions, finding the right sourcing opportunity that aligns with your strategic business objectives can be daunting. Our strategic sourcing solution advisors work closely with you to solve these complex business issues. With our years of experience, we guide you through the sourcing lifecycle so you can make the best sourcing decisions in a short amount of time. We use our proven methodology to understand each client’s unique goals, issues, and culture. Then, we partner with leading IT services providers to create custom strategic solutions.

Propelled by our strategic sourcing consultants’ extensive experience and close relationships with leading IT industry service providers, the proven methodology of our IT advisory firm enables us to define the unique path to IT operational transformation for each client. This is achieved through our highly iterative approach of Collect, Analyse, and Select.

Propelled by our strategic sourcing consultant’s years of experience and strong connections with top IT service providers, helps us use our proven methodology to figure out the “one-of-a-kind” IT operational transformation path for each of our clients. We do this by collecting, analysing, and selecting information in a highly iterative way.

We start by talking to a big group of people who are affected by their category to figure out what success looks like. We listen to what they have to say, whether it’s cost savings, reliability of performance, or something else. We spend a lot of time getting different perspectives on what’s really important.

Then, we figure out what costs each category has and what level of service suppliers are providing to key people. We also figure out what the costs of material failure and supplier failure are. We also look at how these costs are connected. For example, if we combine fleet costs with fuel, we can figure out how that affects supply chain costs.

Finally, we look at what our client’s behaviours and habits are doing to their suppliers’ costs and document what changes need to be made. With all this info, we start to plan and execute our strategic sourcing solution, so our client can come out of it with a totally different cost structure that fits their goals.

If you are convinced in our ability to deliver, let’s take your strategic sourcing solution to the next level.