Our Key To Success As A Supplier Diversity Consultant

Supplier Diversity Consultants

Supplier Diversity is a business program that encourages the use of diverse-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, LGBT, service-disabled veteran-owned, historically underutilized businesses, and small business vendors as suppliers. Having a diverse supplier base enables a company to serve its consumers to the fullest extent possible. Companies that combine supplier diversity initiatives with other best-in-class diversity and inclusion programs have a competitive advantage, win new business, retain customers, and reinforce their brand around the world. Smaller to mid-sized companies have joined supplier diversity consultant to expand their supplier reach and to identify businesses to engage with.

As a supplier diversity consultant we view supplier diversity as a critical component of supply chain management. Our task is to conduct strategic sourcing and to establish the supplier diversity infrastructure. Our services also include identifying the barriers that impede effectiveness through examination of policies, practices and procedures currently in place coupled with the development of a solutions-centered toolbox of strategic options. Additionally, deliberate Sourcing initiative aimed at cost savings is one of the best vehicle we use to identify opportunities and increase spending with minority vendors.

Paragon leverages its strong procurement intelligence gathering capabilities to help clients achieve this goal.

  • We accomplish our goals through the following.
  • Partnering with other diverse companies
  • Procuring goods and services from diverse organizations
  • Assisting corporations who have a strategy to include diverse suppliers in their supply chain as a Prime or Tier 2 Supplier

Our key to success

​The key ingredients required to design and successfully implement a supplier diversity program are strategic sourcing skills and research capabilities. We have a qualified team of research analysts and supplier diversity consultants to implement and ensure the program is successful.

By establishing strong relationships between socially diverse enterprises and regional governments, our combined experience of supporting supplier diversity programs and assisting socially disadvantaged businesses and non-profit organizations, elevates our expertise.

In a nutshell, as successful supplier diversity consultant we highlight the formation of a diverse supply chain that works to secure the inclusion of diverse groups within procurement plans for government, not-for-profits, and private industry.

Now is time for the companies to change their perception and realize how beneficial supplier diversity can be for their business.

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