Procurement And Supply Chain Management – Plan. Design. Implement.

Procurement and Supply Chain Management

We, at Paragon Results provide data-driven procurement and supply chain management consulting services to help companies capture the maximum value from their supply chain.

With end-to-end supply chain expertise, we align a company’s procurement and supply chain to its corporate strategy. We support the transformation at every planning horizon – strategic, tactical, and operational – and across multiple domains.

Companies who are dependent upon the seamless operation and successful performance of their supply chains need prospective solutions. Therefore, our service model is built on main pillars that offer the integration of different capacities:

  • Procurement and supply chain transformation
  • Engineering & implementation
  • Operational excellence
  • Digital capabilities
  • Sustainability

Our services are centred on a holistic approach. We consider our client’s strategy, business process and logistics as equally important parts of a prospective supply chain concept.

Below are some procurement and supply chain management consulting benefits, and we try to explain why hiring consultants often makes very good sense.

4 Reasons to Engage with us

  • To gather information
  • To solve problems
  • To recommend actions
  • To assist with implementation
  • To introduce new ideas, methodologies, and best practices
  • To facilitate internal learning

Primary Benefits

  • Independent, impartial, fresh viewpoints free from internal influences like culture and politics.
  • We maintain a laser focus on the issues to be resolved.
  • We have more tools at their disposal, more experience and most importantly, the know-how to navigate the issue and its potential solutions.
  • We maintain skills necessary for projects to be executed successfully. These skills include change management, project management, communication, leadership and analytics.
  • We can help you quantify the benefits of change in your supply chain.
  • We have IT expertise, both to assess how technology is being used to map processes and the capability to use existing client systems as a user.

As a procurement management consultant

We address procurement key challenges & actively contribute to the organization’s growth. If the search for savings remains the cornerstone of procurement, then matters such as the contribution to the growth of the turnover, economic intelligence, procurements location, the construction of strategic partnerships, or suppliers’ risk mitigation, have become essential. On each of these themes, Paragon Results procurement and supply chain management brings personalized expertise based on the best practices.

As a supply chain consultant

We believe supply chain issues are at the heart of many significant organizational challenges. Managing supply flows and securing product availability in a balanced way is a critical component of our mission. Our goal is to meet our clients’ most demanding – cost, quality, and time expectations.

We’ve worked in many industries, so know first-hand the dangers of a fragmented or underperforming procurement and supply chain system. We quickly get to your needs then work with you to implement realistic and forward-thinking solutions that will transform your business.

Managing your procurement and supply chain isn’t easy. We can help!

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