Procurement And Supply Chain Management That Builds Trust

Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Procurement and supply chain management is a broad field that encompasses all of the processes, systems and strategies for optimizing a product’s creation and distribution. Its many facets include demand planning, inventory management, logistics, procurement and supplier management.

It typically improves customer service and ensures customer satisfaction by making certain the right products are available on time at the right locations. By increasing customer satisfaction, companies can build loyalty, which usually leads to more sales over the long term. Procurement and supply chain management impact extends well beyond a company’s bottom line.

However, as supply networks become more location elastic, bringing manufacturing closer to consumers, global trade flows are expected to change dramatically.

Key challenges ahead for Procurement and supply chain management teams include:

  • Supporting old-new hybrid production models as disruptive manufacturing technologies continue to evolve and mature
  • Reengineering supply networks to support greater on-demand manufacturing and rising consumer influence over product design and production planning
  • Continuing to meet rigorous regulatory and environmental standards, including documentation obligations
  • Exploiting emerging trends

How can we help?

  • Use spend analysis to create real-time visibility
  • Use our secure strategic sourcing solution to discover and capture supplier worldwide
  • Use contract management to move rapidly
  • Use our supplier management solution to systematically and consistently measure suppliers’ capabilities and capacities to deliver goods and services.
  • Use our integrated financial savings management tool to define how savings and other procurement-driven business perform
  • Promote cost efficiency, speed, cultural change management and long-term strategy execution with our next-generation solution.

Our customized procurement and supply chain management solutions have been designed to optimize production processes, offer all conceivable value added services and optimize logistics to reduce your business expenses and increase your customers’ satisfaction. With multiparty platforms, we improve planning and collaboration within your supply chain to accelerate the flow of materials and finished products.

We, at Paragon Results help you understand the security posture of your vendors. From there we give your business a complete and transparent view of your vendor ecosystem that helps drive targeted supply chain discussions and streamline vendor risk management workflows. With our help you’ll have the ability to set compliance goals, track on-going compliance and progress, and build trust.

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