Supplier Diversity Consultants

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Leading companies and their leaders are saying, “Let’s bring Diversity to the business table and no longer the compliance sideline.”

Many news headlines (sensationalizing for increased readership and viewership) say things like “Diversity & inclusion does not work” or “Unconscious bias training is useless”. For more than 25 years, we have made it work at Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies in the U.S. and internationally. However, you must use the best practices and not treat it as a “flavor of the month” or only a “check the box” compliance acquiescence program.

If properly harnessed, your people, associates or employees will bring ideas that create customer delight, co-worker enjoyment, and investor value. But the work environment must make them feel like they belong, and that their cultural experiences are valued in ways that eliminate uncomfortable corporate blind spots. Blind spots to customers delight, supplier capability, and new ways of being excellent. We believe people matter and results count.

Workforce Diversity

As shown below, we believe diversity is a journey, not an event. Individuals learn to be more self-aware as new information about blind spots is discussed and coached. The grow over time to learn new Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging skills and these processes are embedded into the enterprise. A new and improved culture evolves and creates sustainable company value for stakeholders.

Supplier Diversity Consultant

Supplier Diversity Consultants

Supplier Diversity Consultants

Most supplier diversity consultants programs are NOT very effective. Paragon’s experience is supported by independent research showing only 23% of companies self-report that they are very effective.
  • Goal Setting & Planning Gaps
  • Accountability
  • Change Management (general fear of change, loss of momentum)
  • Culture (suppliers do not reflect user-base, firm does not believe suppliers qualified, no sense of inclusion)
  • Resources and Skills Gap
  • Recruitment
  • Development & Growth (mainstreaming, e.g., early supplier development programs)
  • Process (no integration, diversity team not part of management)
  • Lack of Corporate Strategy (no planning, purely reactive, Diverse Supplier is an afterthought)
  • The D&I projects have a comprehensive assessment, so facts guide implementation of training and other programs.

Supplier Diversity Consultants

Our D&I projects begin with a comprehensive assessment. Strategic context and facts guide implementation of training and other programs – making our projects extremely effective.