Strategic Sourcing Solution
Training is critical to sustaining any change in an organization. The old ways no longer work – especially given the COVID-19 pandemic. A combination of in-person, webinars, conference calls, etc. have become strategic deployment tools. How these learning & development tools are put together will determine the individual engagement, cultural impact, and business results. Paragon has training for each of its practice lines.
Training needs to be correctly designed with expert instructors. Then it needs to be reinforced. 87% of training – all training – is lost within a month if not reinforced! That is why Paragon has real-time on-the-job coaching sessions as we implement new processes.
We can do in-class or online training. Each has positives and limitations that must be customized to each client situation during COVID19 and post- COVID19.
We constantly hear about how diversity training does not work. Our analogy is quality. Who would ever say, “I went to one quality session and our products don’t have quality this week; quality training must not work”. The same is true with diversity & Inclusion. Diversity is a journey – not an event. Some of our Courses are listed below. courses are customized for each client because strategy, goals, scope, and scale differ – even in the same industry. Strategic Sourcing Solution
Our Strategic Sourcing Solution Training is Thorough and Drives Sustainability Strategic Sourcing Solution
As part of a client’s initiative to install an ongoing sales training program to aggressively improve margin, three new training programs were launched over eight months – Customer Solution Selling I, Customer Solution Selling II, and Account Management Training.
  • Customer Value Selling I – Designed for Outside Sales Representatives who are in direct contact with customers. This three-day course focuses on core selling skills such as customer research, planning and opening a sales call, questioning & probing, presenting, and implementing customer solutions.
  • Customer Value Selling II – Designed for Outside Sales Representatives who are responsible for establishing long-term relationships with customers. This course builds on the skills learned in Customer Solution Selling I, focusing on acquiring new accounts through a step-by-step process.
  • Account Leadership Training – Designed for the sales management team and Outside Sales Representatives who manage a few large, complex accounts.  This course provides a process for growing existing business relationships, creating additional opportunities, increasing customer satisfaction, and enhancing team
Strategic Sourcing Solution