Strategic Sourcing Solution That Is Robust And Result Oriented

Strategic Sourcing Solution

The strategic sourcing and procurement process is a critical business function that has significant and direct impact on bottom-line performance and supply chain management solutions. Leading companies have proper strategic sourcing services and procurement teams to ensure their organizations maintain efficiency. They are also challenging their procurement teams to play an increasingly important role in spending and category management and optimizing end-to-end sourcing and procurement functions across their companies. We provide you with strategic sourcing solution and services your procurement team needs to implement a great supply chain strategy in your sourcing processes. Through procurement and sourcing services, supply chain services can drive value and improve supplier relationships.

Our process begins with heavy data analytics and typically includes hands-on negotiations with suppliers. We help implement any new agreements that result and lay the foundation for on-going, world-class category management.

We recognize that your suppliers are often critical to your business so we take an integrity-based approach to our sourcing process. Our goal is to ensure suppliers are treated fairly and relationships are preserved or even enhanced by our process.

This is how our strategic sourcing solution will add value to your organization:

A complete sourcing strategy
It is our responsibility to take into account all the possible draw backs and modifications in the sourcing strategy and adapt to the ever changing situations.

Standards and quality control
For international sourcing we make our selves fully aware of the regulations in all countries involved to avoid any loss caused by legal or manufacturing standards.

Accurate cost calculation
We keep our selves abreast with international import and export regulations and costs involved up to the last mile. For example we will inform you of the final real costs for sourcing, taking into account in the beginning all expenses including extra trips, actual custom fees, etc.

Customer delivery
Another area where companies can come across more problems is receiving faulty orders (broken parts), partial order arrival, etc. Paragon use its major strategic sourcing solution know-why and know-how for clients – strategic focus, operational understanding, sourcing expertise and interpersonal competence.

We encourage companies start with a due diligent audit assessment to determine their actual earning-impact opportunity and connect with our team for a robust and result oriented strategic sourcing solution.

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