Take A Systematic Approach To Procurement And Supply Chain Management

Procurement And Supply Chain Management

As companies struggle to keep pace in today’s turbulent procurement and supply chain environment, they recognize that the new path forward requires faster and better decision-making and improved accuracy and visibility.

In today’s uncertain environment, building a resilient procurement and supply chain is crucial. Unforeseen disruptions are becoming more common. This is driving a transformation in philosophy from “built-to-last” to “built-for-change.”

Managing so much change while keeping costs in check can feel daunting! With deep expertise across consulting, technology and managed services, we offer unbiased assessment and advice on the right solution for every procurement and supply chain management challenge.

There are many ways to begin reducing risks:

  • Reimagining the supply chain and sourcing strategy
  • Reducing tariff impact by building a more efficient procurement and supply chain system
  • Realigning the global sourcing portfolio
  • Revisiting the manufacturing, logistics, and contracting footprint

How can we help?

We carry out diagnoses, strategy design and organizational improvement, as well as providing support to implement and operationalize defined solutions through consultancy, interim procurement and supply chain management, and technology and analytics services.

Buying and spend analyses, supplier integration, and supplier reduction are integral to Paragon result’s proprietary process, regardless of how deeply you engage with us. Wherever you are as an organization, we’re there to meet you with the appropriate level of services.

What we do?

  • Determine how good your purchasing is and supply chain process is.
  • Create a standardized strategic sourcing process if necessary. (Hint: if you have grown by acquisition, your number of processes equal your acquisitions)
  • Focus on best practices
  • Consider training the teams to build contemporary skill
  • Do training close to time of on-the-job application so concepts stick
  • Use lots of role plays since adults learn best by doing
  • Build a business case for improvement
  • How much financial benefit would your company gain if you closed the gaps?
  • And many more

Companies are challenging their procurement and supply chain management teams to play an increasingly important role in spending and category management and optimizing end-to-end sourcing and procurement functions across their companies.

With the numerous external challenges that can affect your organization every day, tools and solutions to enable optimal remote work can help minimize or prevent disruption in your strategic procurement and supply chain team’s operations.

Connect with us to know more about out procurement and supply chain management services.

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