Take Back Control Of Your Supply Chain Through Strategic Sourcing Solution

Strategic Sourcing Solution

The last 2 years have been perilous for procurement with Covid putting more pressure on supply chains than they’ve experienced for a generation. These challenges have placed processes such as sourcing, procurement, supply chain, contract management, policy controls and risk management on the back burner.

Your entire sourcing, contracting, and spend – all in one place.

With Paragon strategic sourcing solutions, you can source and manage both direct and indirect materials on a single platform. Whether you require resources, subject matter expertise, technology solutions, or access to critical marketplace data, we can assist you in any part of your sourcing project. Our Strategic Sourcing solution include benchmarking against the marketplace, supplier identification and rationalization, RFX management, contracting and negotiations, and procurement process improvement, including Source-to-Contract and Procure-to-Pay solutions.

How we operate:

  • Practical, hands on, results-based solutions that work!
  • No nonsense, straight forward, pragmatic advice and delivery to SME’s, larger corporates and public sector organisations
  • Strategic, tactical and sell side support

Our solutions can help you to:

  • Aggregate and classify all purchases, company-wide
  • Gain visibility, segment spend, and identify savings opportunities
  • Standardize source-to-contract processes across teams and business units
  • Drive materials cost savings and optimization across all spend categories
  • Ensure that the savings you negotiate are fully realized
  • Reduce risk by finding better suppliers and innovation partners

Strategic sourcing is not a solo effort: Paragon strategic sourcing solution partners with clients, from small to mid-market and the Fortune 1000, to drive value creation by leveraging our mutual time, knowledge-base, sourcing experience, and resources, as well as tools.

Our consultants will give you a better visibility and a holistic perspective on your spend ways, both to identify saving opportunities and to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of your sourcing efforts. Our detailed- deep dive analysis of your spending profile across various commodities and cost centers can help you achieve excellence in sourcing and gain a competitive advantage.

We recognize that every supplier is critical to your business so we take an integrity-based approach to our sourcing process. Our goal is to ensure suppliers are treated fairly and relationships are preserved or even enhanced by our process.

With us on board, you’ll learn how to take back control of your sourcing and procurement functions and deliver a strategy that prioritises getting your supply chain functioning properly again.