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Procurement And Supply Chain Management

The transformation to digitization, the safe and rapid supply of large amounts of data, innovative applications and new virtual services make IT management extremely challenging, with digital changes affecting almost every department. The result is complex and specific IT needs, from technical to production to finance to marketing needs to be met.

When it comes to procuring new technology, many organizations today often don’t know what they actually want from the software or hardware they’re trying to procure!

They know the pain, but not how to translate that into a solution. Once the solution is articulated, it’s smooth sailing – but getting there is another story.

That’s where a technology procurement and supply chain management consultant comes in.

What do we do?

Technology procurement consulting is essentially what it sounds like: hiring a consultant to help your organization buy a technology solution. Many companies gain value from bringing in a technology procurement consultant to oversee all key procurement activities in IT.

Paragon helps companies around the world enable, manage and secure their IT environment. We have the process knowledge, technical expertise, and management tools necessary to ease the burden of purchasing and deploying IT assets and solutions while streamlining IT management and costs. We serve the dual purpose of providing leadership throughout the procurement process, and security afterwards in knowing that the selected solution has been properly vetted against all of the organization’s business needs.

Our procurement and supply chain management services generally benefits companies with:

  • Analyzing your needs and managing procurement
  • Identifying the best solutions
  • Communicating effectively when negotiating with suppliers
  • Finding quality goods and services at attractive prices

We facilitate the development and execution of plans and processes that reduce delivery time, reduce cycle times, reduce costs, streamline information flow, streamline the organization structure, quicken the decision making process, and build a cohesive management team.

Paragon is fiercely independent of any software or hardware vendors, ensuring our clients of neutral, objective assessment processes and independent and objective advice without product bias. Our staffs of experienced IT professionals have facilitated rigorous vendor selection projects using a process consistent with best practices.

The wealth of experience gathered over the years by our team of collaborators and associates at Paragon, allows clients to entrust their ambitious and complex technological problems to us.

You can trust us too! Connect today.

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