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Procurement And Supply Chain Management

We are experts in PCB sourcing, procurement and supply chain management and can match you up with the perfect manufacturer for your specific project. This allows you to save time and money, allowing you to focus your attention on your core business. Should problems arise, we are on standby to handle the dispute and find a solution.

PCBs and PCB assemblies (PCAs) are often the most technically complex components that are purchased for electronic assemblies and products, and they form the center of an electronic product’s universe. The complexity of modern PCBs leads to several challenges for a procurement and supply chain management team that may be significantly different when compared with other commodities the team manages.

What is Paragon’s Procurement and supply chain management system for PCB?

  • Procurement decision
  • Supplier selection and qualification:
  • Process control, monitoring, and inspection:
  • Product acceptance and feedback:

All corporate and public sector organisations need to control their costs. As a procurement and supply chain consultant, we will spend a lot of time gaining an understanding of the key outcomes and objectives your organisation is trying to achieve and the services you deliver. We will delve deeply into the operational aspects; this is to understand where a strategic and/or transactional approach to procurement is most appropriate to achieve both values for money and the business goals.

Technology is continually changing. Paragon’s close management of all vendor activities and interactions enhances the value of the relationships to the benefit of customers, ensuring that final products contain cutting-edge components. Developing collaborative alliances with suppliers around the world enables Paragon to continually manage procurement, costs and supply chain complexity while maintaining the highest levels of quality and on-time delivery.

It would not be unusual for our procurement and supply chain management to result in the increase of your organisation’s profitability by between 5% and 20% and if you are in the public sector, to reduce your business as usual (BAU) cost base by a similar amount.

To cut down cost on your procurement and supply chain of PCB, keep it simple – trust yourself and get in touch with us, to avoid making any costly mistakes and free up your own time to focus on your projects.