3 MRO Procurement Strategy You Can Deploy As A Preventive Measure

MRO Procurement Strategy

Paragon Results provides comprehensive procurement support services to ensure your Direct Materials (Raw Materials) and Indirect Materials (MRO) are delivered on time and as per requirements to your site or warehouse. We enable you to improve the efficiency of your routine procurement engine, so you can focus more on core business operations. We support the entire Procure-to-Pay cycle, or just the steps that you may have challenges with.

Do you know why you require MRO procurement strategy?

  • 13 minutes is wasted searching for replacement parts
  • 50% of all MRO spend on carriage is avoidable
  • 10% of store costs are tied up in obsolete items
  • 15% of downtime is caused by lack of spare parts
  • Up to 50% of an engineer’s time is wasted on non-core activities

Below are some MRO procurement strategies we deploy in each area as preventative measures to avoid a kink from forming in the value chain.

Storeroom transformations: We’ll help your engineering stores to run more efficiently saving time and money.

MRO Procurement: The focus here is to minimize the overall spend while still improving vendor responsiveness and product supply.

Inventory Management: This play a significant role in streamlining the entire MRO process by having on-going audits of inventory levels, feedback loops in place when unused items remain for completed work orders as well as accurate KPI’s to track and monitor fill rate, productivity, and other key metrics.

Great strategy and supply management combined with technical know-how can bring benefits to your business far beyond those in the storeroom. Our experienced teams will help you uncover operational improvements and show you how to leverage those changes to deliver real cost savings and enhanced productivity.

Paragon Results is a global consulting firm specialized in MRO procurement strategy, operations strategy and performance improvement. We have been operating in the industrial environment for years, working side-by-side with our clients to accelerate their transformation towards future-proof operations.

We aim at contributing to a better and sustainable industrial world. And we take pride in being a very customer centric organization. We have earned a reputation for excellence in the industry, by providing clients with high-quality solutions tailored to their specific needs.

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