How Can A Supplier Diversity Consultant Help Your Business Become More Resilient?

Supplier Diversity Consultant

Paragon Results is committed to helping Employers Bridge the gap between management and its suppliers as supplier diversity consultant is becoming a central pillar to the growth and development of many organizations.

So, how can businesses ensure a continued prioritization of supplier diversity and successfully hit the goals they are committed to achieving? Furthermore, how can supplier diversity fit within an organization’s overarching plan to become more resilient?

  1. It all starts with the recognition that the true footprint of your organization includes the external network of vendors, partners, contractors and consultants that it takes to deliver a service or product to your consumer.
  2. Implementing initiatives geared toward establishing an environment in which a supplier diversity program can flourish.
  3. Aligning your purchasing strategy to your business goals, in this case prioritizing supplier diversity while simultaneously enhancing overall organizational resilience.

Whether you’re looking to launch your corporate supplier diversity program or looking to advance your program to make it “world class”. It’s important to see your program as an organizational “journey” and not just an isolated procurement “experiment”.

How can Supplier diversity consultant such as Paragon Results help you?

We help to focus on your program, confirm scope and objectives, define imperatives and provide a plan and means for continuing improvements and enhancements. With us right beside you, you can jump-start your business and grow your chain of suppliers today and develop your working commitment to supplier diversity.

Our work is infused with wisdom, insight, respect, curiosity, creativity, compassion, enthusiasm, and last but not least—optimism.

A brief strategy includes, but not limited to:

  1. Articulate the inclusion strategy
  2. Craft interventions to execute the strategy
  3. Draft policies & processes that address the gaps
  4. Set up a steering committee with timelines and goals

Diversity and Inclusion are underutilized levers that can enable organizations to thrive. We use our proprietary methodologies to assess your current maturity levels, help you craft strategies and tactics, and partner with you to achieve your inclusion goals.

If an organization can align its business need for enhanced resilience with its mission to commit to supplier diversity, it becomes a win-win situation and we are here to help. Connect with us.